Alicante Car Hire | Property Sale Spain
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Alicante Car Hire

Car Hire Alicante

Getting a car to rent in Alicante has never been simpler or cheaper, with huge competition the prices have been drive down so it is often cheaper to rent a vehicle cheaper than a couple of cabs to your holiday apartment. Include in the equation a few day trips and the conveinience of of having your own transport parked right outside, makes it a must have in my opinion.

Don’t worry about driving on the wrong side of the road, most experienced drivers soon get used to it and just follow everyone else out of Alicante! I recommend bringing your satnav with you, updated to cover Spain of course, for a relaxing drive, plus Spanish maps from garages are always out of date and road signs can be confusing for a first timer.

Car Hire Alicante Spain

Cars can be booked from Alicante Airport or downtown Alicante train station, just select which you require on booking. Always worth remembering is the boot size if you intend to take a mound of luggage, some cars, both large and small have tiny boots.

Book early during all the peak times, including the half terms to avoid disappointment or high charges, remembering that Alicante gets very busy.