Alicante Cuisine | Property Sale Spain
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Alicante Cuisine

Rice is certainly at the top of the list when it comes to Alicante cuisine, and there are many different types of rice dishes to be tried here. While Paella is the best known Spanish rice dish, the province of Alicante has many dishes of its own. In fact many of its restaurants are called arrocerias, or rice restaurants. Some of the more popular dishes are as follows; Arroz a la banda (made with fish and stewed in fish stock), Arroz a la Alicantina (chicken and rice with shellfish, and dried red pepper), Caldero (stewed with fish), El Arroz con Costra (rice with baked egg on top), Arroz Negro (with squid in its own ink), and Arroz con Conejo (rice with rabbit).

Seafood is clearly a big deal here, with a history of fishermen operating out of Alicante and other seaside towns dotted along the coastline. Typical fish caught here are Sardines, Red Mullet, Tuna, Anchovies and Palayas (small plaice). Shellfish consists of red prawns, cuttlefish, octopus and squid. Many seafront restaurants prepare these in the form of salazones (heavily salted)/frying the fish/shellfish in batter.

Alicante Food and Cooking

Undoubtedly the most famous desert of Alicante is Turron, which a type of nougat made using honey and almonds. This is typically eaten around Christmas time, but available all year round. The genuine brands are those from the town of Jijona (very sweet and soft), and Alicante (hard and crunchy).