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Alicante Eating Out

Eating out is a favourite pastime here (much more so than in the UK), and as a result Alicante is literally brimming with affordable options. Many restaurants prefer to serve traditional Spanish foods, but a wide range of international cuisine is also available.

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Eating Out Alicante

The Spanish are big meat eaters, and those partial to a steak/other meat will not find it difficult to satisfy their appetite. Alicantes cuisine is Mediterranean, with great importance given to the selection and use of fresh produce. Rice is certainly at the top of the list of foods traditional to the area, and there are many different types of rice dishes to be tried. While Paella is the best known Spanish rice dish, the province of Alicante has many dishes of its own. Seafood is also a big deal, with a history of fishermen operating out of Alicante and other seaside towns dotted along the coastline.