Alicante Shopping | Property Sale Spain
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Alicante Shopping

Shopping is a favourite pastime for many tourists and locals. In recent years, as the city has grown so has the quantity and quality of its retail outlets. Thankfully, although the chain stores and retail giants have made their presence felt (in much the same way as with most other European cities), a good selection of local stores remain. So whether you are after authentic souvenirs, handicrafts, ceramics, and leather ware, or traditional foodstuffs, oils and ingredients, you are in the right place.

Shopping Alicante

The arts scene is also prospering in Alicante, and as a result of this there has been a marked increase in art related shops. This can range from local art and sculpture, to outlets importing goods from overseas.

As you might expect the biggest growth in the retail sector here has been with the addition of large department stores and shopping centres. Alicante is home to a number of new malls/centres which are mainly located around the seafront promenade/central zones. Most of which are modern and worth a visit, although it has to be said, they are very similar to those found in the UK.