Alicante Specialist Shops | Property Sale Spain
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Alicante Specialist Shops

Fran Holuba (Local arts and crafts)

  • Stocking many items made by locals, a variety of wood, leather and ceramic goods are available here. This is a great place to come for souvenirs.
  • Calle Jaime Segarra, 16
  • Alicante
  • Tel. +34 965 244 595

Specialist Shops Alicante

Picarol (Indonesian and African arts)

  • Selling many wood, stone, glass and leather items this shop caters for those looking to purchase genuine Indonesian and African pieces. Products range from jewellery through to lamps, ornaments and furniture.
  • Avenida Constitucion, 2
  • Centro Ciudad
  • Alicante
  • Tel. +34 965 142 944

Specialist Shops

Magesbi (Fiesta/Carnival)

  • This store specialises in fiesta (festival) or carnival type goods. Whether you are after a costume to wear or just associated toys, games, sweets or joke articles this shop stocks them all.
  • Plaza de Luceros, 5
  • Centro Ciudad
  • Alicante

Pedro Soriano (Sculpture)

  • Responsible for many of the best effigies at the Alicante bonfire festivities, Pedro Soriano is widely recognised as one of the best modern sculptors in this part of Spain. Many differing items are on sale to the public.
  • Plaza San Antonio
  • Alicante
  • Tel. +34 965 207 854

Mecamodel (Model cars, trains, planes etc)

  • Selling a variety of related items such as modelling kits, train sets and scalectrix, together with radio controlled cars, planes and boats.
  • Artquitecto Morrell, 14
  • Centro Ciudad
  • Alicante

Sol y Luna (Mexican arts)

  • This store is the place to come for art, furniture and ornaments in true Mexican style.
  • Gerona, 13
  • Centro Ciudad
  • Alicante

Ballerina (Dance wear)

  • Specialising in dance of many varieties, a wide range of goods from videos, books and music are available in addition to shoes and clothing. As you may expect a portion of what is on sale is dedicated to Flamenco, and traditional dresses can be bought here.
  • Las Navas, 15
  • San Anton
  • Alicante