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Altea Fiestas

The Spanish are famous for their festivals (fiestas), and the town of Altea has them in abundance. There are many fiestas throughout the year, some larger than others. Most are a colourful and vibrant affair, lasting well into the evening and night; some last as long as a week.

Fiestas Altea

Many of the festivals in Altea correspond to a particular period in the town’s history. Here we list some of the more popular (and typically the larger) fiestas to look out for:-

June 24th is host to the Feast of San Pedro and La Virgen de Carmen. This is a semi religious fiesta with Christian undertones but essentially celebrates the summer solstice. This involves yet more fireworks, eating, drinking and dancing.


In the last week of September the “Moros y Christianos” (Muslims and Christians) fiesta commemorates the expulsion of the Moors from Altea in the 13th century. Many locals celebrate the festivity by way of donning often elaborate costumes and parading through the town streets.

The New Year or Nochevieja is typically celebrated on the 31st of December in the town’s main square, which overlooks Altea bay.