Benidorm 3 Star Hotels | Property Sale Spain
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Benidorm 3 Star Hotels

So it is that telling moment of the year once again, when you choose what to do and where to go for the yearly family holiday. Benidorm, with sunny and sandy beaches, faultless climate, attracts people of all ages and parties of all types and sizes. Trips to this destination have soared recently as part of an overall trend that has seen many more people willing to splash out on cheap or expensive vacations for themselves and their loved ones. The town offers the ideal environment for tourists to enjoy the most exciting vacation experience of their lives with its good weather, relaxed ambience and the most interesting and enchanting tourist attractions.

3 Star Hotels Benidorm

This is a comprehensive list for all the 3 Star Hotels in Benidorm to locate all the best room rates, availability, detailed descriptions, last minute breaks in the biggest and livliest resort in Spain.

We have tried to compile the most detailed list of all the 3 star hotels and 3 star apartments available to visitors in Benidorm to ensure you find accommodation to fit your needs and pocket. There cannot be a better choice in many holiday resorts around the world, from beach front through to town center, from quiet to lively. All areas of Benidorm are covered, Levante, Poniente and Central. Prices vary, although all tend to be very competitive so compare a few before you decide and book to make certain you get a good deal.

3 star tourist hotels in Benidorm;

3 Star Hotels

Oasis Plaza Hotel 3 star
Cracking room rates for the Hotel Oasis Plaza Benidorm.

Bristol Park Hotel 3 star
Rates that will not break the bank at the Hotel Bristol Park Benidorm.

Agua Azul Hotel 3 star
A quick and easy way to check on the prices at the Hotel Agua Azul Benidorm.

Alameda Hotel 3 star
Massive savings and check dates at the Hotel Alameda, Benidorm.

Bonanza Hotel 3 star
Sometimes has very good late deals Hotel Bonanza Benidorm.

Condal Hotel 3 star
Check your room right now and save lots at the Hotel Condal Benidorm.

Costa Blanca Hotel 3 star
Prices to match your very own pocket at the Costa Blanca Hotel, Benidorm.

Royal Hotel 3 star
Get a cheap break at the Royal in Benidorm.

Nadal Hotel 3 star
Your searching ends right here at the Hotel Nadal Benidorm.

Magic Villa Venecia Hotel 3 star
No reservation fees whatsover for the Hotel Venecia Benidorm.

Estudios Sol Hotel 3 star
Crackajack prices at the Hotel Estudios Sol in Benidorm Town.

Magic Cristal Park Hotel 3 star
Uncomplicated, easy to check site on the Hotel Cristal Park Benidorm.

Magic Fenicia Hotel 3 star
Pounds off high street rates at the Hotel Fenicia Benidorm.

Marconi Hotel 3 star
Book last minute holidays and save even more money at the Hotel Marconi Benidorm in Spain.

Monaco Hotel 3 star
Instant detailed room confirmation at the Hotel Monaco Benidorm.

Milfords Suites Hotel 3 star
One complete price for the Hotel Milfords Suite Benidorm.

Prince Park Hotel 3 star
Definitely no hidden costs or extras when booking the Hotel Prince Park Benidorm.

Tanit Hotel 3 star
Photographs, local map and visitor reviews for the Hotel Tanit Benidorm.

Voramar Hotel 3 star
Terrific holiday deals at the Hotel Voramar Benidorm.

Poseidon Hotel 3 star
Relax with a fantastic vacation in the Hotel Poseidon in Benidorm.

Rosamar Hotel 3 star
Bed and breakfast or half board accommodation deals in the Hotel Rosamar Benidorm.

Venus Hotel 3 star
Get a lower room rate at the Hotel Venus Benidorm.

Orange Park Hotel 3 star
Online special deals for the Hotel Orange in Benidorm.

Presidente Hotel 3 star
Last minute discounts for the Hotel Presidente Benidorm.

Ambassador Playa Hotel 3 star
Superb deals at the Hotel Ambassador Benidorm.

Barcelo Pueblo Hotel 3 star
Reserve your room at the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm.

Buenavista Apartments 3 star
The perfect place to stay on your self catering holiday in Benidorm.

Castilla Hotel 3 star
Reserve your holiday accommodations at the Hotel Castilla Benidorm.

Cimbel Hotel 3 star
The Hotel Cimbel Benidorm is in an ideal setting.

Flamingo Benidorm Hotel 3 star
Prices to suit your families budget at the Hotel Flamingo Benidorm.

Gala Placidia Hotel 3 star
Book online and save €€€€ at the Hotel Placidia Benidorm.

Helios Hotel 3 star
The Hotel Helios Benidorm is a good choice for a sunshine break.

Les Dunes Comodoro Hotel 3 star
You have found your nice accommodation at the Hotel Comodoro Benidorm.

Lido Hotel 3 star
Holiday deals for the Hotel Lido Benidorm are right here.

Los Alamos Hotel 3 star
Discount vacation accommodation at the Hotel Los Alamos Benidorm.

Magic Tropicana Gardens Hotel 3 star
Full holiday information about the Hotel Tropicana Benidorm.

Magic Villa Benidorm Hotel 3 star
Find great value breaks at the Hotel Magic Villa Benidorm.

Monk Park Hotel 3 star
Make the most of your vacation stay at the Hotel Monk Park Benidorm.

Nereo Hotel 3 star
Comfortable accommodation at the Hotel Nereo Benidorm.

Olympus Hotel 3 star
Book your low cost bed at the Hotel Olympus Benidorm.

Fiesta Park Hotel 3 star
Look for hotel reservation opportunities at the Hotel Fiesta Benidorm.

Villa Mar Hotel 3 star
Cheap family vacations at the Hotel Villa Mar Benidorm

Benilux Park Apartments 3 star
Book the Apartments Benilux Park Benidorm in this famous resort.

Carlos I Hotel 3 star
Enjoy the wealth of local entertainment while staying at the Hotel Carlos Benidorm.

Cabana Hotel 3 star
The Hotel Cabana Benidorm will appeal to couples and families.

Atenea Hotel 3 star
Just add your travel dates for the Hotel Atenea Benidorm.

Calas Marina Hotel 3 star
Rates and availability for the Hotel Calas Marina Benidorm.

Magic Villa Del Mar Hotel 3 star
Conveniently located so try the Hotel Villa Del Mar Benidorm.

Sol Y Sombra Hotel 3 star
Get the same holiday for less at the Hotel Sombra Benidorm.

Olympus Hotel 3 star
Try the cosy atmosphere at the Hotel Olympus Benidorm.

Torre Dorada Hotel 3 star
Try the friendly, and informed service at the Hotel Dorada Benidorm.