Benidorm Apartments | Property Sale Spain
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Benidorm Apartments

Apartments Benidorm

To find an apartment in a hotel style complex please use the Benidorm Hotels link on the left hand side in the main menu, if you are searching for a private or agent advertised apartment either for sale or rent, or you wish to advertise your own, use the buttons above, which will show you all the lastest listings.

Quite often with resale or second hand apartments they come fully furnished and include all the accesories, which can be either a blessing (its all good quality) or a pain (its a load of old junk), so ascertain this before you sign a contract.

Apartment Sales Benidorm

If you are looking to purchase an apartment in Benidorm or in one of the other lovely towns along this stretch of coast you will be amazed by the choice and variations in the cost. This will depend not only on the locale but also on the facilities in the flat (thats a condo for all our US visitors) itself. Firstly you must choose what you plan to use it for, to reside, personal holidays or to rent it out to other tourists. To be a complete success great care must be taken over this, an apartment next to a golf course or in the centre of town will be a lot easier to rent out, at a higher price than in a sleepy village. Conversley would you want to reside permanently in a place next door to tourists crashing in at three in the morning.

Below I have added the bare details of a couple of different options currently for sale in Benidorm (use the button above to see the latest apartments).

Benidorm, an apartment for sale
One of the best apartments on the market at the moment is those at the Buenavista complex, these are all of the one bedroom type, and incorporate a nice bathroom and kitchen fitted out to high standards. Apparently many will all have views out over the beautiful blue sea of the bay.

3 bedroom apartments for sale in Benidorm
These are very popular, beautifull fitted out on the El Balcon complex in Finestrat. A great choice if want a lot of room to holiday or live in the area. They even have a study or office which I suppose could be used as a fourth bedroom.