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Benidorm Car Hire

Many visitors to Benidorm chose to hire a car hire to give them more flexibility and the oportunity to visit some of the other tourist attractions just a quick drive away or even just for the convenience of getting to their accomodation from the airport instead of relying on buses or taxis.

Car Hire Benidorm

If that includes you, the best advice I can give is to book early especially during the high seasons, not just during the summer but half terms, Easter, Christmas etc. If you don’t you may find yourself with an unsuitable car (ie whats left) or even worse none at all. This especially includes people carriers, the multi seated vehicles always go first, leaving late bookers no other option than to get 2 smaller cars at added cost.

Don’t forget if you are planning to take your satnav from home (very useful) you may need to get a Spanish or European map add on before you leave home, after all it won’t be much good if all it has is a map of Lancashire!

Don’t forget to take both parts of your driving license and a printed copy of your booking slip.

Car Hire

If you have booked a car which includes a full tank, fill it up before you return it as the prices some companies charge is exhorbitant to say the least.

The most popular pick up point is Alicante Airport but local Benidorm “down town” pick up and drop off is available.