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Benidorm Villas

Benidorm Villas for Sale Or Rent – Villa Sales Benidorm

Villas Benidorm

Benidorm is a very small town in modern terms, with land at a premium so they have built taller and bigger to compensate for this, consequently land for villas is expensive and rare.

If you are looking to buy or rent a villa you may well have to look outside the town and certainly out of the center. Some of the best deals to be found are in nearby towns and the surrounding countryside, so you would certainly need your own transport if you intend to pertake in the use of the teeming local attractions that Benidorm has to offer.

Golf villas are increasingly popular, both as a home or as a long term financial investment as they are very easy to hire out to visitors especially during the off peak season.


A couple of villa examples that I have found are shown below, but remember to click the button above to check all the latest Benidorm villas for sale or rent.

4 Bedroom villa just outside Benidorm
This resale one looks like a really good deal for price as it appears a very good size, with four double beds and lots of extras including a private swimming pool with a communal pool on site as well.

3 bedroom villas at Finestrat, Benidorm, Spain
These off plan (although I can’t imagine there will be a long wait, if there are not completed ones available) villas have 3 or 4 bed types. My guess is you could haggle on the price plus get the developer to throw in a few extras!

Resale villa in Benidorm, Spain
No photos on this one, but it may be worth contacting the agents it certainly sounds nice and is actually in Benidorm as the price reflects.