Caves Calaveres | Property Sale Spain
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Caves Calaveres

This prehistoric cave is situated 1.5 kilometres outside the town of Benidoleig. The magnificent cave is covered in stalactites and stalagmites, and is over 350 yards long. In places the domed roof reaches over 60 feet in height. Many historical artefacts can be seen here including human and animal bones dating back more then 50,000 years.

Cueva de Calaveres Alicante

The caves name goes back to the year 1768, which is when 12 unidentified skulls were found there. Legend has it that they belonged to the Moorish king Ali-Moho and his 11 wives. This has never been proven, and are more likely the remains of a group looking for the source of a nearby stream.

Cueva de Calaveres

The cave is open from 9am 8pm daily. For further information please contact Cueva de Calaveras direct on +34 966 404 235.