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Costa Almeria Car Hire

Car Hire in Costa Almeria, Costa Almeria, Spain

Car hire in Spain is generally speaking much more reasonable than in the UK. Please click below for a quote and for online booking:
To Check Prices Click Car Hire Costa Almeria Now!
More tourists hire cars in Spain than any other country in Europe, and driving in Spain is very similar to driving in other countries in Europe. The roads are quite well maintained in this area of Spain, although the sign posts can often be out of date, therefore a good map is recommended. We suggest Michelin 446 of Southern Spain. Petrol is much cheaper than in England, most stations are self service although some old fashioned ones have an attendant, it is not standard practice to tip the attendant. A Lot of garages are open 24hrs. Please see below for more information:


Between the months of April to November it can get very hot, especially if driving, upgrading your car to have air-conditioning costs very little

Spanish law

  • You must carry your original Driving license, car, and insurance documentation at all times
  • All seat belts are worn at all times
  • 2 warning triangles are in the boot at all times
  • Use of mobile phones are banned unless you have a hands free kit
  • The alcohol limit is under 50mg or 100ml in the blood at any time
  • Children who are 12 years or younger are not permitted to sit in the front of the car or on a motorbike

Spanish speed limits

  • 120km motorway
  • 100km dual carriageway
  • 90km single carriageway
  • 50km towns

Baby/Child Seat

Child seats are available from almost all car hire companies for a small daily sur-charge

Extra Drivers

Even if you have confirmed an extra driver when booking in the UK, do check and make sure that both drivers are registered at the Spanish end. If you and your partner want to drive the car it must be on the papers that you sign at the airport.