Costa Almeria Theme Parks | Property Sale Spain
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Costa Almeria Theme Parks

Theme Parks in Costa Almeria, Costa Almeria, Spain

Mini Hollywood
Address: Mini Hollywood, Tabernas, Carretera National 340km, Desierto de Tabernas, Almeria

Telephone: 0034 950 365 236 or 0034 950 362 884

Open times: 12:00 – 18:00

Details: A wild west town recreated with shows, cowboys, a museum, restaurants, a zoo with an array of animals, and a playground for the children. Many westerns have been filmed her including “A Fist Full of Dollars”.

Cost: €17 for adults €9 for children

Astronomical Center
In Gergal, Sierra de los Filabres, you will find a astronomical center where you will find the worlds most powerful telescope, with the year round clear skies there is much to see.

Troglodyte Villages
There are many troglodyte villages in the Costa Almeria. They are well worth a visit. Families today still live in extraordinary cave homes (casas cueva) dug out of the side of the cliffs.

Vera Bull Ring
The Vera Bull ring is a historical bull fighting ring, that has been reconstructed in keeping with the old style.

Texas Hollywood
Texas Hollywood is a film studio, and theme park where the famous Clint Eastwood cowboy films like the Good the Bad and the Ugly, and a Fist Full of Dollars were filmed.

Cabo del Gato-Nijar
The natural park is very nearby and is well worth visiting, its a protected area with high ecological value, due to its flora and fauna.