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Costa Almeria

The Costa Almeria coastline is a varied as any of the other regions in mainland Spain. It is completely unspoilt, with a low population, and particularly popular with nature lovers, and back packers. The coastline takes its name from the capital city Almeria which lies on the South of the province.

Costa Almeria Information

Although on first look the Costa Almeria is a baron desert, because of its good irrigation system, it is a significant expansion area, and renowned for its high quality oranges and grapes which is it main exportation. The sandy beaches stretch far and wide, with quiet coves, and clear waters. There are many activities available in this province from water sports, to golfing, gliding, horse riding, and hiking.

Costa Almeria Spain

Huge swathes of the southern part are covered by hectares of polythene tunnels that provide the perfect growing medium for a selection of vegetables and fruit. The ‘plasicultura’ farm industry, as it is often called, has injected a lot of cash into the region. There are 3 holiday resorts located along the southern edge of the coastline, Almerimar, Aguadulce and Roquetas. The second has a nice beach side esplanade skirting a wide golden sand beach, and they all have great water sport locations. Just over 9 km from Aguadulce is the ancient city of Almeria, which is guarded over by the remains of a huge Moorish castle.

The Costa Almeria has the biggest number of sunny days each year, sometimes more than 3000 plus hours of uninterrupted sun each year. The mean temperature in the high summer is over 24ºC and in the warm winters it is 18ºC. The Mediterranean Sea here is often crystal clear and often warmer than the air temperature.

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