Almeira, Costa Almeira, Spain | Property Sale Spain
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Welcome to Almeira

Almeria city has an abundance of history with many places to visit. The Cathedral is a must see built in 995, so is the Alcazaba. Two ways to soak up the Spanish atmosphere and get to know the city is to stroll through the park, and a visit to the local market which is on from 9-2pm every Tuesday in the Plaza Vieja.

Almeria Spain

The locals of Almeira are very welcoming, and approximately half are of African origin. Because of this there is a ferry service to Africa from the main port of Almeria City. Through the center of the city is La Rambla a long avenue with many childrens playgrounds, and alcoves to sit and rest.

Almeria Tourist Information

There are three golf courses very close to the city and seven in total along the coastline.

Almeria Tourist Offices

If there is any information we have not managed to provide on Almeria City, Costa Almeria please do not hesitate to contact the tourist office directly:

Located in the Costa Almeria Airport – 0034 950 292 918
Located in the Costa Almeria Municipal – 0034 950 280 748
Located in the Costa Almeria Olive Museum – 0034 950 620 002