Costa Blanca Real Estate | Property Sale Spain
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Costa Blanca Real Estate

Costa Blanca real estate and agents on the white coast of Spain. How to and what to purchase in the current market in the various towns along the coastline and inland.

Real Estate Costa Blanca

The fabulous Costa Blanca has many contrasting areas, from the greener (and therefore wetter) landscapes of the northern towns with backdrops of huge mountains to the southern coastal plains with the appearance of a desert most of the time, where the only greenery you will see are sprinkled golf courses, gardens and plantations of oranges and lemons.

The real estate valuations diverge along similar lines with the most expensive tending to be north of Alicante and the least extravagant appraisals coming in the south and in the hinterland away from the dynamic coastal haunts.

Costa Blanca real estate agents appear to be on every street corner in the fashionable towns, above all in the south, with agencies run by and specialising in dealing with every north European nationality, although most have bilingual staff to accommodate the english speaking buyers.

Real Estate

Using the search button above will display a list of current real estate listed by various and many agents and private sellers in all zones of this coastline to further your quest. Just click on any listing to view all the details, then use the “more properties by this agent” to display all their sales.