Costa Blanca Villas | Property Sale Spain
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Costa Blanca Villas

Uncover the facts about buying, selling and renting villas on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Get the lowdown and view lists of beautiful villas to match your budget.

Villas Costa Blanca

Press the buttons above to locate Costa Blanca holiday villas or your very own palace in the sunshine of Spain. Multiple choices for you to view so you will never have to spend time in a small hotel room anymore on holiday. Just imagine it, your own villa awaiting you, furnished and set up as you want it, for the use of all your friends and family maybe. In the long term it can only be a good investment and in the short term as well if you buy wisely.

The Costa Blanca is the perfect location for a nice holiday villa or even your main domicile, great weather, loads of attractions and only a cheap short haul flight from your local airport. Many people will find they can get here quicker and cheaper than getting a train only a short distance in the UK.

Villas Costa Blanca Spain

Villas come in all shapes and sizes, plus thousands of different locations to give you an almost impossible task to view them all. One should note that villas are more limited actually in the main Costa Blanca towns, you will find a mega selection on the outskirts and on the many communities. Expats tend to congregate so you will also find developments with a predominance of mainly one nationality, so do your homework and research the immediate area as well.

New build villas can be explored further by reading New Spanish Villas or just go ahead and search all villas for sale or rent.

To go straight to your favourite stomping ground we have listed below all the popular municipalities on the Costa Blanca;