Costa Blanca Weather | Property Sale Spain
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Costa Blanca Weather

Find the actual real time weather on the Costa Blanca in Spain. See average monthly maximum temperatures for the coastline and general climate information and advice.

Weather Costa Blanca

This area of south eastern Spain is well known for its first class climate, with long, scorching summers, mostly hot spring and autumns and warm winters. It can get very chilly in the long winter days and nights so if your break is booked then, it would be as well to take a few cardies. It is all proportional though and as a Costa Blanca resident, in winter I quite often wear a hat and coat, but see tourists wandering round in shorts and teeshirts.

The regions weather varies a great deal from north to south, the former being wetter and slightly cooler than the drier and hotter latter. All in all, unless you a very unlucky you will probably not see any rain and if it does rain while you are there, it rarely lasts longer than a day or two. I have to say though when it rains, it pours, with roads turning into ponds and the absense of gutters making it likely you are in for a soaking.

Costa Blanca Climate

Average Maximum Air and Sea Temperatures in Costa Blanca C°

Max Sea
Jan 16 Jan 15
Feb 17 Feb 14
Mar 22 Mar 15
Apr 22 Apr 19
May 26 May 20
June 29 June 21
July 30 July 22
Aug 32 Aug 23
Sept 30 Sept 22
Oct 25 Oct 20
Nov 22 Nov 18
Dec 17 Dec 15