Costa del Sol Fiestas | Property Sale Spain
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Costa del Sol Fiestas

Fiestas in Costa del Sol, Costa del Sol, Spain

In recent years the Costa del Sol has become much more of an international community. This is largely due to residential tourism and the influx of ex pats from other European countries. However the identity and traditions of the resident population are still very much alive; this is perhaps best demonstrated by way of the many fiestas (festivals) that take place throughout the year, some of which are a real spectacle and well worth a look. Most are a colourful and vibrant affair, lasting well into the evening and night, some last as long as a week.

Many of the fiestas that take place on the Costa del Sol correspond to a particular period in the regions history and are celebrated by each town separately. In these cases the fiesta will often work its way down/up the coastline, with each town taking its turn, rather than have them all happening at once.