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Marbella has been a glitzy holiday destination ever since the early fifties. As international flights to the nearby Malaga airport have increased in volume, Marbella has continually attracted ever increasing numbers of tourists. Where else can casual visitors stroll with the ultra rich or the famous in this ultra smart environment, which boasts innumerable first class restaurants, designer boutiques, loads of attractions, and very high class nightlife.

Marbella Spain

Despite the influx of so many tourists Marbella has always contrived to keep so much of its allure and personality. This is most fully shown in the old part of the town, a stones throw from the chic and razzle-dazzle of the harbour area, where you will see such prizes as the “Orange Square” or Plaza de los Naranjos to give it its correct name, encircled by traditional lime washed houses through a maze of quaint streets and alleyways. The old quarter is still one of the best places to go shopping, with a terrific selection of shops retailing local goods, side by side with the famous label wares that the town of Marbella has long since became famous for.

In the more recent era the Marbella has again upgraded its international image due to a large investment by the former town mayor Jesus Gil. This has seen in a huge tidying campaign which can be viewed all over in places like the Park La Alameda, in which you can even arrange a horse and carriage ride or stroll out toward the Mediterranean via the Avenida del Mar esplanade. This is probably one of the most splendid proms on this part of the coast, with by top notch restaurants, swanky bars and boutiques.

Information on Marbella

In the last decade or so Marbella has lured many foreign residents, with a stream of visitors opting to buy their own dream villa or apartment in the sunshine of this part of the coast. This gave rise to soaring real estate prices ensuring Marbella’s place alongside of Puerto Banus as the dearest places in Spain. Marbella now boasts many of the worlds famous and rich as residents giving rise to some of the most extravagant homes and villas anywhere.