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Located in the province of Andalucia, Torremolinos is just 8 kilometres from Malaga airport and 12 kilometres from Malaga itself. This former sleepy fishing village is credited with being the first package tour holiday destination in Spain. It all started in the 50’s and 60’s, which saw a multitude of hotel complexes, restaurants and bars open. The town was transformed into a family resort; its visitors channelled through the ever expanding Malaga airport. Torremolinos soon became a household name around the world, and prospered accordingly.

Torremolinos Spain

However as the years passed its image became tainted; gathering a reputation for being a party destination frequented by rowdy types. Consequently the resort received bad press which led to a decline in popularity, and eventually losing out to its neighbours Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

Recent years have seen considerable improvement made to the town, with clean beaches and a re-modelled town centre with numerous public gardens. It is not just the look that is different these days, indeed the feel of the place is more natural/Spanish. This has as much to do with the expansion of Malaga as anything else. Torremolinos is now so close to the regions capital, that it is considered by many to be an extended suburb. Gone are the party going holiday makers; now days the majority of visitors to the beaches of Torremolinos are native Spaniards, or retired couples from all over Europe.

Torremolinos Tourist Information

Shopping opportunities here are seemingly endless though a good place to start may be the pedestrianised Calle San Miguel, which is host to an array of small shops and cafes. Here you will also catch a glimpse of Torremolinos’ old town, though little of it still exists today. The town does not offer much in the way of sightseeing; there are no museums or national monuments worth mentioning.

What Torremolinos does offer is a great sea front; there are a total of six beaches, split between East and West of the headland and stretching for over 6 kilometres. Visitors should find them spotlessly clean, with fine golden sand and flanked by a good collection of Chiringuitos (beach front cafes). Its nightlife is still pretty lively in places, though the majority of nightclubs have moved father down the coast towards Fuengirola.