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Crevillente, Costa Blanca, Spain

Crevillente Holiday, Property and Tourist Information
On the southern Costa Blanca, and approximately 30 minutes drive from the coast, the town of Crevillente is positioned in an area of outstanding natural beauty. On one side of the town lies the Sierra de Crevillente mountain range, which is host to the San Cayetano natural park; consisting mainly of pine forest. On the other side is the Laguna del Hondo, a stopping point for many migratory birds (including flamingos and herons) on their way to Africa.

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Historically Crevillente made its name as a major producer of esparto (grass) mats. At one point this made it an important town with huge quantities exported to countries like France. This trend died out in the 19th century leaving an experienced workforce to find a new focus. Carpet manufacture must have been the obvious choice as this was the trade adopted by the town; and in fact is still prevalent. Today many parts of Crevillente are dotted with carpet factories, and it has a distinctly industrial feel. But the old town centre is still worth a visit, with old flat roofed Moorish houses, churches and the odd museum. Needless to say a town of this size offers an excellent selection of markets, shops, restaurants and other facilities. Government run institutions include a hospital, train station, schools, doctor’s surgeries etc.

Although well away from the tourist enclaves, sporting enthusiasts are still well catered for; with the town boasting good municipal swimming pools and many other facilities. Crevillente is no more than a 20 minute drive from a good selection of golf courses; with La Finca and La Marquesa clubs significantly closer.

Tradition is also an important factor in Crevillente life, and there are many fiestas (festivals) throughout the town calendar; some of which are a real spectacle and worth a look. The cuisine is another major bonus made up of mainly traditional Spanish fare; although international tastes are also catered for.

Crevillente is also well known for its mild climate and the entire region enjoys sunshine for in excess of 320 days per year. The sun is at its hottest during the summer months, with temperatures rarely falling below 30°C (86°F). Winters are typically very mild with averages hovering around 18°C (64°F).