Fuengirola Real Estate | Property Sale Spain
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Fuengirola Real Estate

Fuengirola Real Estate Sales – Real estate in Fuengirola

Real estate agencies in Fuengirola are plenteous, as they are in most of the main Spanish towns. This is due to the sensational boom in the real estate trade over the last 5 to 10 years with customers coming from the UK and everywhere in the world. Most of the boom as been in offplan (brand new) real estate, that is, new property purchased directly from the builder. Fuengirola has benefited from this and real estate has become a primary market. “Re-sale” real estate sales in Fuengirola are also an material part of the trade, with the added blessing of remarkably quick sales, as opposed to waiting ages for new build.

Most real estate sales in Fuengirola are for apartments, with the luxury of your own home or holiday home, with a pool, gardens and outside maintenance all done by the fairly realistic community fees. Villas (ready built or built to your specifications) and town houses or semis can also be bought within a Fuengirola community, so ensuring all is retained in supreme condition when you are away. The other possible choice of course is a detached villa in Fuengirola, either with or without a private swimming pool, these can purchased direct from most builders in “sample” designs or architect designed to your requirements. Most builders will offer a multitude of extras, such as air conditioning, alarms, landscaping even furniture parcels.

Search the Fuengirola real estate listings to look what is findable and get a feel for the prices, if you find anything you like, contact the real estate agent for more information, or only just contact 1 of the agents, for a no obligation chat. And remember these real estate agents reside and work in Fuengirola, so they should be able to give good and solid opinion. As with all large purchases you should seek independent advisement from a solicitor before you put up any payment.