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The charming village of Guadalest is one of the best days out in the province of Alicante. Surrounded by the Aitana, Serella and Xorta Mountains the village is widely recognised as being a historically important site, as well as one of great beauty.

Guadalest Alicante

Once a military stronghold of great strategic importance, Guadalest is the site of several ancient fortifications. Dating back to 715AD the town is of Islamic origin. It was relied on heavily by the Moors in their bid for control of the region, and again by European forces in the war of Spanish succession.

Today there are 2 main parts to the village; the first is the fortification, a huge area high on the mountain, where the majority of the population lived within the protection of its high walls. The second being the houses that the Moors lived in, which run outwards from the gate of San Jose (the only entrance to the fortification). This part of the town has been (tastefully) extended over the years, and is now home to many little streets and squares, giving the town a very unique appeal.


The town has many visitors (especially during the summer months), although this has done little to affect its aesthetic appeal. As a result a variety of small museums and a host of cafes and restaurants are open for business.

Guadalest is located approximately 25 kilometres inland from Benidorm and can be reached via the CV-70 road. If travelling from Alicante the journey should take no longer than 1 hour.