Hotels in Benidorm | Property Sale Spain
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Hotels in Benidorm

The star rating system in Benidorm is different to that used in the the UK or even may be not the same as other towns or cities in Spain. It is based on the number and type of facilities, that is you may lose a star for not having a lift even though it may be just a single or double storey building. So what does that mean to you? Well, check out as many details as you can and if say the lack of a pool or room service does not worry you, take this into consideration when booking the place of your choice. as there are over 30,000 hotel rooms and hundreds of thousands of apartments you won’t be stuck for choice. So take your time do your homework and have a great time!

Hotels in Spain Benidorm

Places to stay in Benidorm;

Flamingo Oasis Hotel****
One clear contender in the luxury places is the Flamingo Benidorm.

Poseidon Hotel***
Another option for a place to stay is the Poseidon Benidorm

Rio Park Hotel Benidorm**
Try a bed and breakfast in the Rio Park Benidorm.

Rosamar Hotel***
The Rosamar Benidorm always has high occupancy figures.

Venus Hotel***
Tour around or stay in comfort at the Venus in Benidorm.

Orange Park Hotel***
One of the most requested is the Orange in Benidorm.

Presidente Hotel***
A good option to stay here is the Presidente Benidorm.

Palm Beach Hotel Benidorm****
This one has a handy location, the Palm Beach Benidorm.

Don Pancho Hotel****
Plan your next trip to the Don Pancho in Benidorm.

Melia Benidorm Hotel****
This is a favourite place to stay, the Melia Benidorm.

Marina Hotel Benidorm****
Many visitors highly recommend the Marina in Benidorm.

Playa Mar Apartments **
You could use this as a sightseeing base, the Playa Mar Apartments in Benidorm.

Aparttropicana Suites Apartments **
Beat the onslaught of tourists book early at the Apart Tropicana Suites Benidorm.

Aquarium II Hotel
An inexpensive place to stay is the Aquarium II Benidorm Spain.

Ambassador Playa Hotel ***
A mid range place to stay is the Ambassador Playa Hotel Benidorm.

Agir Hotel ****
Address: Agir Hotel, Av Del Mediterraneo 11, Playa Levante, Benidorm 03500, Alicante, Spain

Belroy Palace Hotel ****
A fabulous choice is the Belroy Palace Benidorm.

Barcelo Pueblo Hotel ***
Whether you chose an overnight stay or that week try the Barcelo Pueblo Benidorm Hotel Benidorm.

Buenavista Apartments ***
With so much to do and see on your doorstep try the Buenavista in Benidorm.

Castilla Hotel ***
There can be few better places to stay than the Castilla Hotel, Benidorm, Spain.

Diplomatic Hotel ****
This location is easy to find, the Diplomatic Hotel Benidorm.

Flamingo Oasis Hotel ****
Read unbiased reviews of the Flamingo Oasis Benidorm, Spain.

Cimbel Hotel ***
This one has convenient facilities, the Cimbel Benidorm Spain.

Don Pancho Hotel Benidorm ****
Explore the surroundings from the Don Pancho Hotel in Benidorm.

Flamingo Benidorm Hotel ***
One of the wide variety of places to stay is the Flamingo Benidorm Hotel Spain.

Gala Placidia Hotel ***
Check the amenities at the Gala Placidia Hotel Benidorm.

Helios Hotel ***
Enjoy your stay in Benidorm at the Helios Hotel.

Avenida Hotel Benidorm ****
Book in real time the Avenida Hotel, Benidorm, Spain.

Joya Hotel **
Try the splendid nightlife round the Joya Hotel Benidorm.

Les Dunes Comodoro Hotel ***
this one doesn’t cost the earth, Les Dunes Comodoro Hotel in Playa Levante, Benidorm.

Levante Club Apartments Hotel ****
Visit some of the nearby villages during your stay at the Levante Club Apartments Playa Levante, Benidorm.

Lido Hotel ***
This one appeals to many holidaymakers wishing to stay in the Benidorm, Lido Hotel Benidorm.

Los Alamos Hotel ***
Sip your favourite drink at the cosy bar in the Los Alamos Hotel, Benidorm.

Magic Tropicana Gardens Hotel ***
Make your stay in Benidorm a comfortable and memorable one at the Magic Tropicana Gardens Hotel.

Los Dalmatas Hotel ****
Fed up with spending hours and hours searching try the Los Dalmatas Hotel in Benidorm.

Magic Villa Benidorm Hotel ***
Compare prices at the Magic Villa Benidorm Hotel Benidorm.

Marina Hotel ****
Popular with tourists such as British and Dutch the Marina Hotel, Benidorm.

Perla Hotel **
Well priced compared to other places, the Perla Benidorm.

Monk Park Hotel ***
Here you can plan your stay at the Monk Park Benidorm.

Nereo Hotel ***
The perfect place for you to reside is the Nereo in Benidorm.

Benidorm has a resident population of less than 100,000 officialy but is swelled continuously by the millions of holiday makes arriving each year.