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Set in the mountains on the road between Alicante and Alcoy the town of Jijona is at an altitude of 450 metres, giving unparalleled views of the Mediterranean. This historical town has played a vital role throughout its existence, mainly as a frontier town.

Jijona Alicante

However, it is most famous for the production of Turron, a sweet Spanish delicacy said to be of Moorish origin. Made with almonds, honey and sugar, and coming in many different shapes and forms Turron is now big business. Although it is traditionally eaten at Christmas, a huge amount is consumed throughout the year both across Spain and beyond. The vast majority of it originating from Jijona.

Jijona is still a relatively small town, with a population of less then 8,000. It is certainly worth a visit, but be prepared to widen the waistline.