La Alcazaba | Property Sale Spain
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La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba, Malaga Attraction, Costa del Sol, Spain

The Alcazaba in Malaga has been a major landmark since the 700’s, though most of what you see today was added in the 11th century. Originally a Roman fortification it was increasingly modernised, and eventually absorbed by a larger Moorish structure; used as a military installation as well as an administration centre, and home to the Moorish governors of Andalucia.

With solid fortified walls the only entrance is via the Puerta del Christo (Christ’s door), named as such after mass was celebrated here after the Christian conquest in 1487. Once inside a pathway leads the way through landscaped gardens, decorative fountains, and three more fortified gateways (namely Puerta de las Columnas, Arco del Christo and Arcos de Granada). Inside the inner sanctum lays a small palace, now home to the Archaeological museum.

A strange mix of beauty and strength La Alcazaba seems almost impregnable, and it is no wonder that this was one of the last Moorish outposts to fall to the Catholic Kings of Spain.

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