La Manga Fiestas | Property Sale Spain
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La Manga Fiestas

Fiestas in La Manga, Costa Calida, Spain

The Spanish are famed for their festivals (fiestas) and many of the towns in the Mar Menor region have them in abundance. There are many fiestas throughout the year, some larger than others. Most are a colourful and vibrant affair, lasting well into the evening and night; some last as long as a week.

Many fiestas/festivals correspond to a particular period in the region/towns history; in these cases the fiesta will often work its way down/up the coastline, with each town taking its turn to host festivities, rather than have them all happening at once.

As the residential community at La Manga is a relatively recent addition (historically), the majority of fiestas and other celebrations take place in the older towns dotted along the coast (Los Alcazares, San Pedro etc). Please see the corresponding sections for more details.