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Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral, Cathedral de la Encarnacion, Malaga Attraction, Costa del Sol, Spain

The Cathedral in Malaga is officially known as the Cathedral de la Encarnacion (Cathedral of the Incarnation) though it is perhaps better known as La Manquita (one armed lady) on account of its missing 2nd frontal tower. Work was never completed on the tower due to a lack of funds, though there are conflicting reports as to exactly why this occurred.

The Cathedral is itself an interesting mix of architectural styles (mainly renaissance and baroque) resulting from the 200 or so years it took to construct. It is built on the site of the Alijama Mosque, once the largest place of Muslim worship in the area; though deemed too small for Christian worship by Malaga’s Catholic rulers.

The Cathedral’s interior is now home to many artistic treasures; including beautiful representations of the Virgin by various artists, wood carvings and more. Furthermore the old chapter house has been converted into a museum, housing yet more paintings and sculptures.

Opening hours are from 9am – 6.45pm Monday-Saturday.

Costa del Sol Tourist Offices

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