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Marbella Fiestas

Spanish towns and cities are famous for their festivals (fiestas), and Marbella is no exception. There are many fiestas throughout its calendar, some larger than others. Here we list some of the more popular fiestas to look out for:-

One of the most popular celebrations in Marbella takes place during Easter week. Easter is celebrated in a bigger way in Andalucia than in the rest of the country. Neighbouring towns compete with one another in terms of the size and grandeur of events. Festivities in Marbella are well worth visiting. They take the form of various religious processions through the streets of Marbella’s old town.

On July 16th local sailors honour their patroness La Virgen del Carmen. An effigy of the patroness is paraded through the streets of Marbella’s old town and down to the Marina. There she is set aboard a flower laden craft trailed by a flotilla of fishing boats and sailed to Puerto Banus and back. The evening culminates with much dancing and singing, as well as many fireworks.

Every town/village in Andalucia province has its own summer feria/fair; Marbella’s summer fair last a week, starting on the 11th of June and is held in honour of the towns patron saint; Saint Bernabe. During the day events take place in the streets of Marbella’s old town and the Alameda Park. Much ta[pas is enjoyed, as well as much drinking, singing and dancing. There are processions with many people wearing traditional dress. The evenings move towards the Recinto Ferial (public fairground) area on the outskirts of the town where there is much singing, dancing and yet more eating and drinking; though organised entertainment is laid out here both for children and adults. Events culminate with a grandeus firework display.