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Mojacar Fiestas

The local people are very welcoming for tourists that want to join in to any fiesta. I would very much recommend going to a Spanish Fiesta as they really know how to party. Each year when a Fiesta takes place the local businesses close, the roads are blocked off, and a street party is set up with food, drink and music in abundance. People of all ages join the party in singing and dancing. In the evening the there is usually a fair ground often on the last night there will be a fireworks display. Sometimes there is a bank holiday after the fiesta for the town to recover!

Annually for 3 days in June there is a Christian and Moors fiesta. This festival celebrates the removal of the Moors from the region. It is a fabulous event, and well worth going to, the local dress in flamboyant costumes, and re-enact key events, including a battle which is urged on by the audience, then true to history the Christians emerge victoriously.

Mojacar Festivals

  • 1st January Ano Nuevo (New Year’s Day)
  • 6th January Dia de los Reyes (12th night of Christmas this is when presents are given)
  • 19th March San Jose (Fathers Day)
  • Dates are variable for Easter Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
  • Dates are variable for Easter Dia de Pascua (Easter Sunday)
  • 1st May Dia del Trabajo (Labour Day)
  • 24th June San Juan (St Johns Day)
  • Dates are variable for this holiday (mid June) Corpus Christi
  • 29th June San Pedro y San Pablo (St Peter and St Paul)
  • 25th July Santiago (St James, patron saint of Spain)
  • 15th August Asuncion (Assumption)
  • 12th October Dia de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day)
  • 1st November Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
  • 6th December Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution Day)
  • 8th December Immaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception)
  • 25th December Navidad (Christmas Day)