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Murcia Fiestas

Fiestas in Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Spanish towns are famous for their festivals (fiestas), and Murcia is no exception. There is a plethora of events throughout the year, some larger than others. Here we list some of the most popular, and typically the larger fiestas to look out for:-

The Certamen Internacional de Tunas Costa Calida is essentially an international music festival. Running since 1988, tunas (student music groups) gather from all over the world to perform. There are many night performances, street concerts etc to attend. Events take place between the 21st – 25th April.

Entierro de la Sardina or Burial of the Sardine is the climax of the spring festivities. Always held on a Saturday between the 23rd – 27th of April; groups of locals dress up as giants, demons and Brazilian samba dancers (amongst other things) to escort a group of 20 floats (one for each sardinero association) through the city streets. Hundreds of thousands of euros worth of toys are handed out to the crowd in the space of a few hours. Much music and dancing takes place, culminating in the burning of a paper mache effigy of a sardine in the Plano de San Francisco.

Between the 8th – 15th September the people of Murcia celebrate the Moros y Christianos (Muslims and Christians) fiesta. One of the town’s largest festivals it commemorates the conquest of the city by Alfonso X of Castilla and Leon in 1243. Many locals celebrate the festivity by way of donning elaborate costumes and parading through the town streets. Mock battles also take place using real gunpowder. As usual there is plenty of music, food and drink to be had, and fireworks crown the event.

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