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Rock of Ifach

The Rock of Ifach overlooks the fishing port of Calpe, on the Northern side of the Costa Blanca. It was originally called the Northern Rock, named so by the Phoenicians in order to distinguish it from Gibraltar.

Rock of Ifach Alicante

The volcanic Rock of Ifach measures 332 metres in height. It has been converted into a natural park zone since 1987, with many colonies of sea birds, over 300 species of animals and pl

Soto de Molino de la Ciudad Alicante

enty of lush vegetation. There is a nature school on site.

Rock of Ifach

For those wishing to get a breathtaking view of the coastline, there is a zigzagging path which takes you to the peak, and a short cut via a tunnel on the sea ward face.

For further information please contact Tourist Info Calpe on +34 965 836 920.