Roquetas de Mar Theme Parks | Property Sale Spain
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Roquetas de Mar Theme Parks

Mini Hollywood

Address: Mini Hollywood, Tabernas, Carretera National 340km, Desierto de Tabernas, Almeria

Telephone: 0034 950 365 236 or 0034 950 362 884

Open times: 12:00 – 18:00

Details: A wild west town recreated with shows, cowboys, a museum, restaurants, a zoo with an array of animals, and a playground for the children.

Texas Hollywood

Address: Texas Hollywood, Tabernas, Almeria, Spain

Telephone: 0034 950 165 458

Details: film studio, and theme park, this is where a Fist Full of Dollars was filmed. There also live performances and a bar, and restaurant.

Vera Bull Ring

Address: Calle de Mayor, Vera, Costa Almeria, Spain

The Vera Bull ring is a historical bull fighting ring, that has been reconstructed in keeping with the old style. There are still bull fights here today. There is also a museum on bull fighting.

Cabo del Gato-Nijar

The natural park is very nearby and is well worth visiting, its a protected area with high ecological value, due to its flora and fauna.