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Santa Pola

Santa Pola, Costa Blanca, Spain

Santa Pola Holiday, Property and Tourist Information
Santa Pola is located on the southern part of the Costa Blanca, approximately 17 kilometres south of Alicante. It has long been a fishing town, and indeed Santa Pola’s fishing harbour is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. In more recent years tourism has also become important, although most of the tourists here are Spanish. Many coming from the interior of Spain, from cities like Madrid.

Like many Spanish towns the centrepiece is its square; the square at Santa Pola is known as the Plaza de la Glorieta. A 20th century creation the square is nothing amazing in itself, but many families congregate here in the evening to have a drink or an ice cream (well into the early hours), giving it a vibrant feel.
On one side of the square is a magnificent 16th century castle, still used today to host events, and the focal point of various fiestas throughout the town calendar. Immaculately preserved it now houses a small museum and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Loreto. Entrance to the castle is free, but there is a small charge for the museum (closed on Mondays).

The town has several wonderful beaches, including over 4km of fine sand and crystalline water. At the Playa Lisa beach you can walk out to sea for kilometres and the water only reaches knee-height. The beaches are well maintained and facilities present have been recently upgraded, with wheelchair access/facilities, to floating platforms, numerous water sports, lifeguard stations and regular police patrols.

In addition to its fishing harbour a sports marina is in existence. This is in the process of being expanded to counter the rising need of mooring space.

Cuisine in Santa Pola is mainly traditional Spanish fare, although international tastes are also catered for. The highest concentration of restaurants are lined up along the sea front. With those nearest the harbour focusing on dishes made from the catch of the day. Many of these are tapas restaurants serving freiduras, which are essentially fish and shellfish platters fried in batter.

Santa Pola is also well known for its mild climate and the entire region enjoys sunshine for in excess of 320 days per year. The sun is at its hottest during the summer months, with temperatures rarely falling below 30C (86F). Winters are typically very mild with averages hovering around 18C (64F).

Santa Pola Beaches
Santa Pola features 6 beaches in total, each of them made up of fine golden sand. Some of the better ones are namely Playa Santa Pola, Playa Lissa, Playa Pinet and Playa Marina.

Santa Pola Flights
Those seeking cheap flights to Santa Pola will be pleased to hear that flying to the south of Spain has never been easier, or cheaper.

Santa Pola History
Archaeology tells the story of a walled Iberian settlement whose major activity was trading with other settlements around the Mediterranean.