Soto de Molino | Property Sale Spain
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Soto de Molino
The main interest here is an area of woods and wetlands, positioned next to the village of Molino de la Ciudad, which is itself charming and surrounded by orchards. A little farther afield lays an area of natural beauty consisting of cedar, black polar, and pine trees.

Soto de Molino de la Ciudad Alicante

In addition to this is a large wetland area of dense cane thickets and rushes, an ideal habitat for some creatures, and as a result abundant with wildlife and birds. Worth noting is the old watermill alongside the canal (over the old stone bridge).

The village and surrounding area is located a few miles west of Orihuela, which is roughly 45 minutes drive from Alicante, and 30 minutes from Torrevieja. Once in the area you can reach the village via the Camino de Enmedio, or the service road of the Travase Tajo-Segura.