Tabarca Island | Property Sale Spain
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Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island Alicante

Once you have arrived you could take a walk around the tiny island; just under 2 kilometres by 400 metres. On the way all you will be fortunate enough to observe is a Fortress. A Church. A few Fishermen’s Houses. And a couple of Restaurants and La Trancada Hotel, which as you would have thought the speciality, is seafood. No cars and no stress.

After lunch you will probably stumble upon one of the many secluded beaches, and go for snorkel in the transparent Mediterranean waters. Or simply relax with a glass of Sangria and a good book.

Tabarca Island

In the past Tabarca was occupied by Pirates and during the 18th Century colonised by Genoese Prisoners. Italian surnames are still to be found in the churchyard as proof of this.

All is all a day spent at the Island of Tabarca is not to be missed during your holiday in the Alicante province.