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Torremolinos Theme Parks

Looking for a fun day out away from the pool or a crowded beach? Then why not spend an afternoon or day visting one of the specialised fun parks scattered up and down the coast.

Theme Parks Torremolinos

There are no amusement or theme style parks actually in Torremolinos, but plenty near enough to make it realistic for a trip out, so get the kids, both big and small, and try one of these interesting places that are just waiting for you.

Tivoli World Amusement Park (Benalmadena)
Tivoli World Amusement Park Not far away is the biggest of the fun parks in the area, not very far distant from Benalmadena

Selwo Aventura Safari Park (Estepona)
Selwo Aventura Safari Close to Estepona is the safari adventure, fun for all ages, take your camera

Theme Parks

Selwo Marina – Marine Park (Benalmadena)
Selwo Marina Marine Park Animal lovers will adore a day out here at famous marine park, definitely a thing to do.

Benalmadena Sea Life Centre (Benalmadena)
Benalmadena Sea Life Centre Visit the undersea world and explore the common and strange creatures of the deep blue sea.